Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the official start of the holiday season, and I absolutely love the holiday season. My favorite, hands down, is Christmas. I'm a sucker for glitter, and lights, and, most of all, love.  Unfortunately, for the last six weeks I have been sick. First it was an inflamed larynx, and now a sinus infection. I am not at all fibbing when I tell you that I have never in my thirty years of existence been sick for this length of time. However, I am also not fibbing when I tell you that I believe everything happens for a reason. At this particular moment in my life, I am sure, for several reasons, that I am supposed to be seriously slowing down and taking care of myself first, and I have to confess that even with being sick, I haven't been fully doing this. So, the Universe has a funny way of making things happen sometimes.

As a result of being run-down and ill, I will not be traveling to visit my family tomorrow, nor will I be going to anyone else's festivities; I'm simply not able to really function and am in dire need of rest. I admit I am nervous to be alone tomorrow. However, I have to remind myself that there are places nearby I can go if I so desire, and families I can join if I suddenly feel well. More importantly though, I need to remind myself that simply because I may be physically alone on Thanksgiving, that doesn't mean that I will be emotionally alone, it doesn't mean I am not loved, and it especially doesn't mean that I will be spiritually alone. If you are celebrating your gratitude in solitude as well, I believe this is the same for all of us.

Therefore, on this Thanksgiving, I am choosing to remind myself of how grateful I am that love exists as a guidepost in my life. I'm forever trying to stay guided by it ("trying" being the key word as I'm only human!) It is this that has allowed me to have amazing relationships with people and to continue to grow and have even better relationships as a result. Loving connections and relationships are what it's all about anyway. 

Have a beautiful holiday, and let us all remember what we are grateful for.