Sunday, June 12, 2011

Apartment hunting? Don't forget about the breeze

Just a suggestion, if you are apartment hunting, definitely look for a place that is at least on the second floor. I love my apartment; It's somewhat big by New York City's standards, has a ton of closet/storage space, and has high ceilings and lots of light. There's only one problem: it is on the first floor.

On cool nights like tonight, there is nothing I would love more than to open all my windows and fall asleep with the natural brisk air flowing through my apartment. But, alas, I cannot. It's just not worth the risk. Even though I live in a very safe neighborhood, being almost on ground level someone could easily climb into my apartment and steal something, or worse... Therefore, I always, very unfortunately, sleep with all my windows locked up tight. 

Although I'm obviously safer this way, it allows for no movement of airflow in my apartment, and so it gets very hot, very fast. Therefore, I have to use a fan or an air conditioner (I can't sleep when I'm hot). This, of course, means more money and recycled, instead of fresh, air when what I really crave is to have the sound and feel of the breeze put me to sleep.

Back when I was looking for an apartment, the thought of being able or not being able to safely leave my windows open at night never entered my thoughts. Therefore, to those of you seeking a new place, my suggestion is to keep this in mind because I sure wish I had!

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