Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you an organ donor?

My birthday is in three days, so tonight I was filling out a driver's license renewal form when there it was, the "Be An Organ Donor" signature line. I felt very uncomfortable leaving it blank, yet I felt equally uncomfortable signing it. I sat there for a good twenty minutes...somewhere caught in the middle.

I am somewhat ashamed to admit this because I try to aim for living a spiritually generous life, and what could be more generous than giving a part of your life to someone else so that they can live? Or, so they can at least live better? However, the idea of people cutting into my body and taking parts of it left me feeling anxious and, honestly, a little sad. I felt suspicious of what they would do with my organs, scared that I wouldn't be treated with respect, and also had this feeling of anticipated loss (a feeling my current self was feeling for my deceased self, if that makes any sense). At the same time, I was so intrigued that I felt such attachment towards, and protective of, my body! After all, I knew that I did want to give of myself to another person in this way. And, mentally, I was aware that it is just a body. I am not my body; I am the spiritual force within it.

So, I enlisted the support of a few people to help me come to my senses. After sending a random text to my mother asking, "Are you an organ donor?" She replied yes and then when I told her my apprehension about donating she explained, "Your body is just a vehicle for your soul...So many people could benefit." 

Then, later on, my friend told me that her father's eyes were donated when he passed away. Afterwards, her family received a letter in the mail telling them that a little boy could now see because of their father's gift. How amazing is that? I can't even tell you how much that fills my heart with love.

I signed the "Be An Organ Donor" line immediately.


  1. I can totally relate to what you just wrote and I've always felt similarly. I have "organ donor" checked on my license, yet I never signed up to be one or was asked. I was always angry that it was on there and I've been debating what to do when I go to get my license renewed next year. I've always been kind of disgusted by the idea of letting someone cut my body open and I don't know why, but I've always felt that way, and I think your words just summed up my exact feelings. I'm glad you shared this - I'm leaning towards checking the organ donor box, too, now :)

  2. I'm so glad you connected with it! Let me know what you decide to do. :)