Thursday, January 19, 2012

1000 Oceans

Sometimes over the years, when I have been sad about something, I have gone back to listen to the unbelievable song by Tori Amos called "1000 Oceans." It allows me to feel my grief, while still keeping in touch with the love underneath it all. Recently, when searching for it on You Tube, I came across a cover of it being sung by the 2009 Chorus of PS22 - a school in Staten Island, NY. The song itself is incredible, but to hear it sung by the voices of these children touches my heart in an even deeper place.

Turns out that this wonderful chorus has performed amazing versions of many different songs over the years. Bless their music teacher, Gregg Breinberg, whose passion, talent, and care has helped them blossom. You can find out more about them and listen to their other songs by visiting the PS22 Chorus Blog.

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