Monday, May 2, 2011

Some ideas for Mother's Day

If you are tired of giving your mom flowers for Mother's Day and are looking to do something new this year, but can't think of what, consider one of these options:

1. A magazine subscription. It's useful, fun, and can be totally geared to your mother's interests. Check out some good ones at Fun choices might be House Beautiful, People, Time, Real Simple, or O, The Oprah Magazine.

2. A gift certificate for specific services at a spa or salon. If your mother hasn't gotten her hair done lately or could use a massage or facial, this is something she might really enjoy. Search for a reputable, well-reviewed salon or spa near where she lives and order her a gift certificate. Or, better yet, go get your hair done with her!

3. An experiential gift. Spending time with your mother may be just what she would love most. Perhaps you two can go out to dinner and to the movies. Or, maybe she would enjoy going to a museum, shopping, or for a walk on the beach. You know your mother best, so just think about what she would really enjoy doing and plan something for the two of you to do together.

4. A unique gift certificate for something for her home. Groupon Home and Garden offers different discounts on items for your mother's home that she might love such as professional organization services or customized doormats.

5. A personalized calendar or photo book. Perhaps your mom misses her family members (and you) when they aren't with her. A personalized calendar or photo book might be fun for her to have to keep you close when you aren't around. A few places to start checking these out might be Mixbook or Vistaprint.

6. A surprise get-together. If your mother is someone who, like me, loves surprises, why not gather her closest loved ones and have a surprise gathering? You could plan to arrange a nice brunch at someone's house for her, or have it at a restaurant. Either way, she is sure to feel special when she realizes people have come to celebrate her.

7. A personalized piece of jewelry. Etsy is a web-based company that has thousands of creative vendors who sell gorgeous jewelry. Beazuness is an example of one of their unique sellers. A lot of Beazuness's work is personalized and geared towards mothers. For example, one particular necklace of hers, called Silver Branch From Your Family Tree, that was given to my sister when her second child was born, is particularly gorgeous, elegant, affordable, and can be personalized for your own mother.

Hopefully, one of these ideas can be of help to you, but if not, there are always plenty of websites that have other gift ideas, such as In the end though, whatever you do to express your feelings for your mother, whether it is a card, gift, visit, phone call, or day of remembrance (for those who have passed), the most important thing is to do it with love and gratitude in your heart, and remember that it is not the gift, but really the thought (and the feeling behind it) that counts.

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