Thursday, March 17, 2011


I think I may be getting sick again. I spent nine days recovering from something, had a breather of about four days, and am now battling something again. I'm taking Zicam Chewables, dissolving Oscillococcinum on my tongue, ate spicy food for dinner, decided not to push myself so canceled exercising, am drinking tons of fluids, and am determined to get A LOT of sleep tonight. I have a few theories as to why I may be getting sick:

1. My immune system was still weak from being sick a week ago.

2. Yesterday morning on the train to work, a man was standing right in front of me as I was seated and kept coughing right down on me, without covering his mouth. I tried to sort of bend over and hide my face, but there really was nowhere to hide.

3. I tutor two young boys every Wednesday (last night). They sit on either side of me and talk very close to my face the whole two hours, touching my water bottle, grabbing my arm, and just generally being kids around me. They are in such close proximity to me for over two hours in one sitting that if they have ANY germs on them or don't wash their hands, I'm sure they find their way to me somehow and make me a goner.

4. I work in a grade 6-12 school. Enough said with that one.
5. I have been getting seven hours or (usually) less of sleep per night.

6. I have been snacking before bed.

7. I believe I am getting sick, which is probably actually making me sick. (The mind is a powerful thing!)

Of course it could be a few of these combined as well. Whatever the cause, let's just hope that when I wake up tomorrow - it's gone!

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