Sunday, March 27, 2011

The power of the squat

I am so lucky that my friend is training me at the gym for free. I bought her a membership to Planet Fitness ($10 a month!), and we work out together. Being the buff, expert gym-goer that she is, I certainly need her guidance, and she happens to be a big fan of the squat. I'm serious. The last time we worked out, that's all she wanted to do. Let's squat and do a shoulder press with weights, squat and lift the weights out in front of you, squat and jump. Squat and jump?! Yes, squat and jump. Man, those things hurt! I did the best that I could.

Later on, after the gym, she sent me the article "Squats: How to Tone Your Butt and Legs With the Squat," which is all about the benefits of squat exercises. Did you know that they work all of the following muscle areas: hamstring, thigh, calf, abdominal, back, AND butt? Apparently doing squats works out more muscles at once than most other exercises, and so you subsequently burn more calories and tone more muscles all in one shot. Alright then, bring on the squat!

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