Saturday, March 19, 2011

Free music that's not illegal

Some of my friends, one in particular, told me more than once that the library is an awesome place to rent movies and CDs for free. The movies are for temporary enjoyment, of course - a rental for free - but the CDs are also free downloads. I finally decided to check this out for myself. So far, I have downloaded nine CDs to my music library and now have something like $93 worth of mp3s for nothing. I love the idea of public information. There's no way I would have downloaded all of these amazing songs if I had to pay $1 each because I am not really familiar with all of them. Now I get to broaden my musical knowledge base thanks to this amazing library system. I can't wait to check out the lesser-known songs of Charlotte Church, Lee Ann Womack, Enya, Lucinda Williams, Rod Stewart (Yup! Rod Stewart!), Alison Krauss, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos...and more.

Music is so important. It can help us grieve, heal, get in touch with our feelings, celebrate life, learn, discover, etc. Thank you, Queens Library.

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