Sunday, April 24, 2011

3-day juice cleanse

Lately, every time I eat dairy, my allergies seem to kick up. I have also been feeling tired and have been having very unhealthy cravings (like wanting to eat a block of cheddar cheese - yikes!) I decided that I really need a clean slate. After my 29 years on this planet living the American lifestyle, it's time to clean up my body and get out any toxins and junk that it might have built up over that time. Although I have never been one to eat in an extremely poor manner, I still have too many vices: The decaf coffee that upsets my stomach every time I drink it. The occasional sweet-n-low I use to avoid calories. The indulgence in far too much cheese. The overeating every single time I have Indian food. The fact that I rarely buy anything but lettuce organically and therefore probably take in a large amount of chemicals... You get the picture.

I started getting the inspiration and longing to take better care of myself a few years ago and subsequently decided to become a pescetarian. (Meat just wasn't for me anymore, but that's a story for another blog entry!) Recently, within the last few months, I have, for the most part, moved on to a mostly ovo-lacto vegetarian lifestyle. However, now I feel like the time has come to change my diet even more.

No more artificial junk! What possibly made me ignore the fact that something artificial (like a chemical sweetener) probably isn't that great for me? Why would I put something like that into my body? In addition, the dairy is going to be cut way back. There is a large amount of evidence to suggest that dairy is not processed well by the human body and has negative effects on one's health. I will also try to purchase more organic vegetables and fruit even though they are more expensive. What could be worth investing in more than my health? Finally, I am going to kick off my new lifestyle changes with a 3-day juice cleanse that begins today. It's time to give my body some time to heal and recharge. Stay tuned for my experience. (I'm a newbie at this, so it could get ugly!)

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