Friday, April 22, 2011

Chunk ♥

Who doesn't love Chunk? First of all, if you've never seen The Goonies, you absolutely must crawl out from under your rock and rent it immediately. If you have seen it, then I'm sure you will agree with me that Chunk is one of the most lovable characters in cinema history (along with Data). 

Yesterday, I happened to see a video about where Jeff Cohen (AKA: Chunk) is now and what he is doing. In the video, he talked about how his look as a child actor really allowed him to have a niche in the acting world, and that when puberty struck, it was really the downfall of his acting career. He decided he needed to pursue another path and he had to come to terms with that. I loved hearing his experience of acceptance, enjoying the past, and moving forward. Click here to watch the video and again, if you haven't watched The Goonies, get on it!

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