Saturday, April 16, 2011

I fell in love with Caruso

What's in my heart and coming out of my speakers (at a very high volume) lately is Luciano Pavarotti's version of Caruso. At yoga the other day, sweating in the position of downward dog, this song started to play. At first I thought it was just instrumental music, but then the first line came pouring out of the speakers, and immediately my heart turned inside my chest. 

Sometimes a song just gets you and bonds with you within moments. This song connected with my soul in that way. I had no idea what he was singing about, although I guessed it was love and heartbreak, but as the song intensified, and grew louder and more powerful, my movements became more purposeful and energy seemed to manifest within me from nowhere. My breathing became more full and my heart swelled up with emotion. I felt like I just wanted to disappear into the emotions being provoked from within me.

I recently read the book 90 Minutes in Heaven, which talks about a man who was declared deceased, went to heaven, and returned. In his account, he talks about the incredible music he heard there. This is believable to me because I have heard (or perhaps "felt" is a better word) heavenly music here in our world, and its spiritual origin and powerful impact can't be denied. 

Before this experience, I had never fallen in love with a piece of opera and, actually, had not been very exposed to that genre of music. The next day I set a date to see the Metropolitan Opera. If a song can do that to me via stereo speakers, I cannot imagine what power it has when experienced live. Thank God for music. It reminds me of our divinity.

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