Monday, April 25, 2011

Day one was not so fun

Day one, the first day of my three-day juice cleanse, was pretty hard. I woke up late (at 9:30am) and lounged around the house until I started to feel a little hungry, which was around noon. At that point, I headed out to pick up some supplies for my juice cleanse. I had already purchased a juicer on Saturday, so I walked to the organic grocery store to buy a bunch of organic vegetables and fruit. I also purchased some spirulina powder and a ton of purified water. Before leaving the store, I took a shot of wheatgrass juice - a total superfood - to kick off my cleanse. Thankfully, my closest friend was with me and helped me carry all of the supplies home.

When we arrived, I started to drink a glass of purified water with lemon and some Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (which helps clean the body along with a bunch of other benefits!) I was still feeling alright, but about halfway through the glass, I started to feel a wave of nausea come over me. It seemed that at this point the detox had begun! Silly me (or awesome me) starting it off with that shot of wheatgrass which caused me to really feel the detox. Wheatgrass is super powerful at helping to clean the body. It causes a rapid amount of detoxification in the body and so side effects are common, but don't be fooled - the negative side effects actually mean that it is working! (Just make sure you take it on an empty stomach because supposedly it interacts with food poorly and that can also cause nausea.)

We put together my new juicer and I juiced an apple and a cucumber, but unfortunately couldn't even drink it because I needed to go lay down. My friend was kind enough to clean up everything for me while I rested on the couch. After an hour, the nausea passed and I was left with a low grade headache. I went out for a long walk and drank the rest of the juice and a lot of water and felt much better. My upper arms developed a bit of an itchy red bumpy rash around 4pm - probably from my skin releasing toxins, as that never happens to me!

By 6pm, I was really craving food and I felt a bit weak. I slowly drank two cups of strained vegan vegetable broth that had been boiled with garlic and parsley. I drank another watered down pressed juice made of kale, parsley, carrot, bean sprouts, and a dash of spirulina powder. By 7:30pm, my head was aching, and I felt weak. I seriously wanted food and was thinking of ice cream and cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers! I hadn't eaten one of those in three years! I ended the evening with a cup of Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move tea (so that I could release toxins in the morning through a bowel movement even though I have not been eating food, which is what normally moves things along in our colon) and went to sleep.

I had originally anticipated that I would have trouble falling asleep, however, I passed out immediately. I felt so weak and exhausted that my body seemed to just want to rest. In the middle of the night, I awoke twice with an aching belly, but I drank some water which helped, and fell back asleep. I have to say that I was dreading the next two days, but I had dedicated myself to better health! Stay tuned for details on day two!

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