Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sometimes people just want to be seen

Whenever I want to cry late at night, all I have to do is watch some Britain's Got Talent audition clips. There are several that bring tears to my eyes and make me think that sometimes people just need to be seen for the beautiful beings that they are. They come on this show, scared and insecure, and then the love that is within them emerges in their art, and finally they are truly recognized. It's so beautiful. 

In this particular clip, Paul Potts goes after his dream. I can identify with him when he says that he wants to do what he feels he "was always meant to do." Sometimes there is just something in your life that makes your heart sing and you know that it was meant for you because it just feels so deeply right. I encourage everyone to follow their heart's desire because it is what you are meant to do. Life is for experiencing joy, and not for just getting by within the boundaries that our society tries to place on us.

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