Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late at night

Sometimes, late at night, if I'm feeling a little lonely (or sometimes, even if I'm not), I'll just find myself listening to old sappy love songs. Peter Cetera. Journey. Heart. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warren. Starship. Paul Young. Air Supply. The Pretenders. Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville. REO Speedwagon. Meatloaf. Glenn Medeiros. Debbie Gibson. Peabo Bryson. Chicago... Chicago had so many hits! And Lionel Richie. Gosh, I love Lionel Richie...

Clearly, tonight I am on an 80s kick. I can't help it! Once I get wrapped up in the music, I'm as good as gone until I drag myself into bed to go to sleep. The last number I listened to was one of my favorites of all time. How can you not get teary-eyed when listening to Against All Odds by Phil Collins? Maybe it's just me, but I certainly do, and pretty much without fail. I'm such a romantic.

If this song makes you emotional, like me, and if you are annoyed that I've sucked you into the vortex of feeling, feel free to listen to a modern cover of it by The Postal Service which is sure to shift your mood. Please keep in mind that if you decide to listen to it, you MUST listen to it beyond the 1 minute and 22 second mark, or else you will just think it stinks and holds no merit whatsoever. Although it doesn't compare to the original, it is still quite an interesting take.

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